Almeera Beauty Toolkit is taking the lead by bringing you this upgraded and improved superior-quality stainless steel facial roller and Gua Sha kit for intensifying your skincare routine. Face roller massager is not hollow from inside which makes it much more effective and helps make rolling process smooth. Steel frame and body is 100% rust, corrosion, stain proof and shatterproof. Smooth wide and small roller tips - Durable and super-smooth facial ice roller has one large to depuff and lift cheeks, forehead, chin, & neck to achieve that firming effect. While smaller side of the ice roller is best for depuffing under eyes and prevent fine line and wrinkles around nose area. The edges and frame are smooth and durable and stainless-steel material does not absorb product but helps distribute it evenly into the skin. Gua Sha Face Sculpting & Skincare Tool - Gua Sha scraping massage tool with smooth edge is perfect for sculpting face to get that chiseled look and to get rid of fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, rounded chin, smile lines, and sagging skin. Gua Sha massage tool can also be used on legs, abdomen, limbs, neck, arms, back to alleviate saggy skin and stretch marks. Boosts blood circulation & shrinks pore size - Stainless steel rollers & Gua Sha massage tool kit set are ideal to boost blood circulation to the surface of skin, preserves the skin’s elasticity, shrinks the size of pores and scars, eliminates puffiness and wrinkles for youthful glow, increase oxygen and nutrient absorption, boost product absorbency, and minimize inflammation. Ideal for daily use! A must have skincare tool kit for youthful skin - Can be used at room temperature or place it in fridge/freezer and use cold Gua Sha and face roller for relaxing effect. Skin icing technique is beneficial for skin conditions such as pimples, acne, inflammation of the skin, sunburn, and signs of aging. Icing minimizes pore size and gives an instant glow. Direct placement of ice cubes on skin is not recommended therefore, skin roller is a safer alternative.

Why use a facial roller?

  • Stimulates collagen production, increasing strength and buoyancy of skin cells - reducing wrinkles
  • Helps with under-eye puffiness and dark circles by increasing blood circulation to the under-eye area
  • Reduces breakouts as it reduces inflammation by bringing down fluids that accumulate around pimples
  • Stimulates blood flow around the face, increasing brightness, and firmness
  • Helps products penetrate more deeply into the skin, allowing for increased hydration
  • Stainless steel provides a cooling and soothing effect.

Why use gua sha?

  • Acts as a natural facelift - gua sha helps lift, sculpt and tighten the face without any surgery
  • A natural approach to botox - regular use can reduce signs of ageing, such as sagging, dull and wrinkled skin
  • Creates a supple, glowing appearance by taking away toxins, increasing flow of oxygen and nutrients and boosting circulation
  • Reduces facial puffiness
  • Helps release tension in the face, allowing all of the facial muscles to do their job properly. This is perfect for headache sufferers and also reduces fine lines!

Why are stainless steel tools better than jade and rose quartz?

  • Antibacterial - Rose quartz and jade rollers are porous so they harbour bacteria and can spread this bacteria around your face, causing breakouts. Stainless steel is an antibacterial material so it won’t spread bacteria around your face, keeping your skin fresh, clear and glowing!
  • Self-cooling - Stainless steel is a naturally cool material, so it reduces inflammation and puffiness in the face. You will also experience an amazing soothing effect when you use it. 
  • Eco-friendly - The mining of rose quartz and jade rollers is harmful for the environment, whereas stainless steel is an eco-friendly material.
How to use a face roller: Use on cleansed face. Repeat each step at least 5 times. Use gentle pressure. Use 1-2 times daily for maximum results. Apply a serum, oil or moisturiser with a lot of slip Roll upwards on the neck using the large side of the roller Roll from the jawline to the ear on both sides of the face Repeat this outward motion on the cheeks Roll from the forehead upwards towards the temples Roll flat over the eyebrows horizontally Use small roller in an outward motion with light pressure on the under eye area How to use a gua sha: Use on cleansed face. Repeat each step at least 5 times. The tool should be held flat against the skin. Use light pressure. Use 2-3 times a week for maximum results. Apply a serum, oil or moisturizer with a lot of slip. Scrape upwards on the neck Glide tool upward on the jawline from chin to earlobe Use long side of gua sha and scrape tool gently in an outward motion on the cheeks Glide tool upwards and outwards on the forehead Glide upwards along browbone, going from inside out Start in inner corner of eye and glide outwards towards temple using very gentle pressure Glide over lips 5-7 times to plump Care instructions for face roller and gua sha: Rinse with antibacterial soap and water between uses. Can be left in the freezer overnight before use for an extra cooling effect. 

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