Offering comprehensive protection from UVA and UVB rays, this cream hydrates & nourishes skin while reducing the effects of prolonged sun exposure. Hypersensitive skin is catered for, making this an ideal product for use on the face & body. This cream guards against UVA and UVB rays while providing long-lasting hydration and nourishment. It's also specially formulated to be gentle on sensitive skin, making it suitable for use on the face and body.

Also suitable for children.

Apply to the sun before and, if necessary, several times daily. Suitable for children's very sensitive skin, skin with signs of photosensitivity and for special problem areas (birthmarks, scars, vitiligo, rosacea, actinic keratosis). Also suitable for children.
UVA-UVB filters, complex "anti-glycation" based on the silk tree, Zyma- complex renovation and repair of DNA, stem cells of Centella asiatica, Vita-complex oxygenation. Dermatologically tested, photostable formula is resistant to water and sweat.

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