This is a special product developed by Sarah K Professional: The Legendary Oils (mixture of Argan, Camellia, Myrrh and Macadamia oils) is a powerful inside-out treatment, a true elixir in action against split ends and dry hair due to the process chemical and natural causes caused by daily life.

The Legendary Oils was developed by Sarah K Professional to nourish and protect daily hair that suffers aggressions by chemical or natural processes. The blend of oils assists in cell renewal and promotes an intense recovery of the threads, leaving them soft and resistant.

You can use it as an intensive hair repair treatment or add it to masks and conditioners for mega moisture and shine. Also is a remedy to the harm caused by the sun, sea, chlorine, excess brushing.

Place a quantity of the product on your palms before using it on dry hair. Apply over the entire length of the hair. Finish as you wish.

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