LAIKOU Australia Tea Tree Serum delivers anti-acne benefits to help fade acne marks while cleansing and repairing damaged skin. This facial cream serum is formulated with herbal extracts for a holistic skin care approach. For smoother, clearer skin, LAIKOU Australia Tea Tree Serum offers a balanced combination of both herbal extracts and anti-acne benefits to help repair and purify the skin.

Feature: Acne Treatment

Formulation: Liquid

All Types (Best For Acne Skin)

Caution : Sensitive skin should be tested behind the ear before use. 

STEP 1 After skin cleansing dispense 2-4 drops of serum into the palm of your hand STEP2 Apply to face and neck massage and tap gently to promote absorption. STEP3 Then use lotion and cream to strengthen moisturizing. 
Tea tree extract: cleans pores to remove acne and pimples Willow bark extract: anti-inflammatory, diminishes acne marks Glycerin: moisturizes dry skin and smoothes rough skin

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