Soothing and toning lotion for sensitive skin. Perfectly completes a correct cleansing process. Relieves the feeling of discomfort, soothes redness and moisturizes. Peptide Skinasensil (tetrapepitid-15, pain killer) reduces the sensitivity of the skin and prevents the development of allergic reactions. Atraumatic penetration and hydration provide gluconolactone (PHA-acid) and sodium hyaluronate. A plant stem cells and an extract of African birch relieve inflammation and return the skin elasticity. After toning, the skin looks smoother, more elastic and even in tone. This lotion not only relieves the feeling of discomfort, but also works to reduce skin sensitivity, prevent allergic reactions, and hydrate. With African birch extract and plant stem cells, it helps to reduce inflammation, improve elasticity, and promote a more even complexion. Suitable for all skin types, as well as those with sensitive skin, this lotion offers a long-lasting and soothing solution.

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