Gucci Flora captures the lushness of a bush in full bloom, providing a luxuriously feminine scent. freshly-picked red berries and succulent pear introduce a blooming heart of gardenia petals enriched with frangipani, underpinned by patchouli and amber sugar. Those who wear it exude a powerful sensuality that captivates, like bees to flowers.

Gucci Flora is a paean to the softness of the bush's first bloom and its addictive extravagance in full blossom—the outcome is flawlessly female. A shimmering introduction of delicious red berries and succulent pear offer route to an extravagant flower heart. The extravagance of gardenia petals is upgraded by the rich warmth of frangipani blossom, underlain by the delicious smell of patchouli and earthy colored sugar. The lady who decides to wear this scent radiates a hot erotic nature that is both rich and luring. Men are attracted to her as honey bees are to a blooming blossom. Delight in the addictive, lavish fragrance of Gucci Flora. A blend of sweet red berry tang and succulent pear give way to dazzling gardenia petals, frangipani blossom, and an alluring base of patchouli and golden sugar. Let the irresistible scent of this feminine fragrance draw in admirers and bask in its luxurious warmth.

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